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The creative mind is always exploring the boundaries of perception, what’s normal, absurd, controversial or accepted, but above all, what brings the message across. We stretch to infinity to search for creative solutions on a diversity of issues.


We explore all possibilities in the universe to find the right medium for your communication. From event  to escaperoom, from custom made game to website. All with the same idea; to get your message across in an effective, creative and interesting way!

Get on board, buckle up and go!

Take a seat in the Cerieus Universe Cruiser and be surprised, wondered and inspired.  As we travel together we wil discover new ways to communicate, innovate and to be ready for the unexpected. Cerieus, offers practical solutions to fix the missing pieces in your story, to come up with surprising ideas for complex issues and to devise strong conceptual strategies that will stand the test of time. All this with the magic of creation, the wonder of a well conceived concept and the elusiveness of a brilliant idea. That’s our Story.

Can we do it? If you don’t try, you will never find out and learn nothing. So sometimes it just takes a leap of faith to get going. We don’t fear the unknown,  we see it as an opportunity to evolve, to be better, to learn.

Often people say, get focused on one thing! But we have too many skills, too much drive and we like our work to much to limit ourselves!

Curious about Cerieus? Book a seat and take the adventure. Be amazed on this journey through the worlds of communication, social media, design, fun and much more!

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Creative minds

On the edge of  our awareness we invent new ways to catch the customer. Your customer. With tools as design thinking, future thinking, brainstorms an a good alien abduction now and then, we are able to get to the core of communication to get the message across!


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Cerieus overview of our Operation Base. A church? Yess a church! Why not? This magical place inspires us, it triggers our flow of creativity and gives us the space to develop and innovate. Want to be inspired too?

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in the chaotic universe of communication and advertising

Cerieus HQ

Ploegstraat 3 | 5615 HA Eindhoven
Ground Control: +31 (0)6 36 15 82 64
Mayor Tim: +31 (0)6 13 40 87 96

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